Gourmet Flavors:

Traditional Flavors:

Banana Pudding Cookies & Cream
Black Cherry Cotton Candy
Black Raspberry Key Lime Pie
Blue Moon Lemon Chiffon
Birthday Cake Mint Chocolate Chip
Brownie Batter Red Raspberry
Bubble Gum Salted Caramel
Butter Pecan S'mores
Cherry Vanilla Strawberry
Chocolate Tin Roof Sundae
Chocolate Chip Toasted Coconut
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Vanilla
Coffee White Cherry

Holiday/Seasonal Flavors:

Irish Creme- A St. Patrick's Day Favorite! Tastes great with a cup of coffee.

Candy Galore- A mixture of many of our favorite candies all together in one happy pan.

Cantaloupe-  June’s flavor of the month.  Fresh cantaloupe with a strawberry swirl .

Carolina Sunshine -Tart tangerine ice cream with chunks of sweet pineapple mixed throughout. A summer Favorite! 

Egg Nog- The Holidays would not be the same with out it.

Ginger Snap- Just like the cookie!

Granny’s Apple Pie –  Tastes like it was made in your own Grandmother’s kitchen!

Key Lime Pie- Make with REAL key lime juice.  It takes you to the tropics with one bite.

Maple Walnut- Made with real maple syrup and English walnuts.

Peanut Butter & Jelly – we made this the beginning of the school year in honor of the kids going back to school with their PB&J in the lunchbox.

Peppermint Stick – A must at Christmas.  We use a NC  peppermint company to make this holiday treat.

Pumpkin Pie – A Thanksgiving Tradition. 

Rum Raisin – A great winter flavor loaded with plump raisins.

Sunset Peach – Made only in July from fresh local peaches and named after our neighboring town, Sunset Beach.

Sweet Potato Souffle- If you like Sweet Potato Pie, you will love this ice cream.  Made with real sweet potatoes, brown sugar and just the right amount of spices and praline pecans.

White Cherry – A winter favorite.  White chocolate ice cream with dark sweet cherries.

Our Flavor Creations:

Banana’s Foster- Fresh banana ice cream, cinnamon, brown sugar, & a hint of Rum

Banana Pudding-  Smooth & creamy with vanilla wafers, just like it’s Southern inspiration

Beach Blonde - Vanilla ice cream with crushed marraccino cherries, pecans, and a fudge swirl. 

Big Daddy's Delight- Named after a great friend, a blend of coconut, pineapple chunks and marraccino cherries makes a DELIGHTFUL ice cream.

Birthday Cake- Have your cake and eat it too. Cake batter ice cream with real yellow cake bites mixed in the ice cream.

Blueberry Cheesecake- our signature cheesecake ice cream with sweet, plump blueberry variegate and graham cracker crunch mixed together.

Blueberry Cobbler - Vanilla ice cream with streaks of blueberry variegate and pieces of cobbler crumbs mixed in. For more blueberry flavor, add our wild blueberry topping! 

Cappuccino Crunch- The perfe.ct combination! Coffee ice cream & crushed toffee  candy.

Chocolate Praline- Creamy chocolate ice cream with chunks of praline pecans and fudge swirls.  A taste of the Low Country in your mouth.

Carolina Sunshine - Tangerine ice cream blended with sweet chuncks of pineapple. 

Coconut Delight- A toasted coconut ice cream with Chocolate covered Almonds, you will LOVE this ice cream

Cinnamon Bun- Cinnamon ice cream with pecan rolls and honey . You could eat this for breakfast!

Cookie & Cream Cheesecake- Two American Classics in one delicious bite.

Cow-A-Bash Crunch- Our signature flavor!  White Chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate cake crunch. It’s MOO-licious.

Dirt Road - creamy peanut butter swirled in a sweet buttery ice cream with pecans and chocolate chips. 

Dulce de Leche- Italian caramel ice cream with a swirl of caramel in every bite.

German Chocolate Cake- a blend of chocolate, coconut, & caramel make this ice cream too good to be true!

Lemon Blue - Two great flavors combined.  Tart lemon ice cream with swirls of blueberry sauce. 

MangoTango- A sweet mango ice cream with chunks of pineapple.  It takes you to the island with every bite.

Rice Pudding -  sweet rice custard with lots of vanilla and cinnamon. Too good to pass up! 

Plantation Praline-  A southern Tradition.  Sweet caramel ice cream loaded with praline rolled pecans.

Salted Caramel - A sweet and salty blend of caramel.  Made with natural sea salt! 

Southern Belle - Honey ice cream with pieces of sweet jalapeño corn bread mixed in.  Just like it's namesake, a little sweet with a kick! 

Thinny Minty- Made with the Popular Girl Scout Cookies.  

Tirimisu – The distinct taste of our favorite Italian dessert all wrapped up in our creamy ice cream.

Turtle Trax- Inspired by the local Sea Turtles, this ice cream is a great blend of graham crackers, rich caramel, chocolate chips, & pecans.

Gourmet Flavored Homemade Ice Cream
The Kitchen Sink
Congratulations To:

1. Drew Masci from Philadelphia, PA (April 2010)
2. Stephen Church from Cameron, NC ( June 2010)
3. Jon Pulaski from OakRidge, NC (summer 2013)
4. Taylor Nuckols from Beaver Dam, VA (summer 2013)
5. Chad Davenport from Granite Falls, NC (summer 2013) 
6. Jared Butler from Angier, NC (summer 2014) 

They successful ate the WHOLE Kitchen Sundae by themselves!  Each person received the Sundae for FREE! 

What is the Kitchen Sink Challenge???
24 scoops (one of every flavor we serve) topped with one serving of every topping we serve(20 in all), whipped cream, and 12 cherries!  Eat the whole thing in less than one hour and you will the challenge.