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In 2002, the vision of Calabash Creamery began with husband and wife team, Greg and Kristi Hansen. Sensing the growth and potential, they choose Calabash as the home for their new business. Greg & Kristi decided to put their former professions to “pasture” and venture into a new direction. They enrolled and graduated from “Carpigiani Ice Cream College” where they learned the tricks of the trade. On July 22, 2003 the Calabash Creamery opened its doors to the public. Since then, they have been featured in several magazines and newspapers and awarded the BEST ice cream in Brunswick County, Greg and Kristi are very thankful to all of the local and out of town guests that have welcomed Calabash Creamery into their hearts and families.


Calabash Creamery’s goal is to serve a superior product, using the very best ingredients in a friendly atmosphere. Calabash Creamery makes premium homemade ice cream. We use fresh 16% butterfat cream and the finest, freshest ingredients to make our numerous flavors.When it comes to customer service, we pride ourselves in always greeting our customers with a friendly smile and giving them the best service around. Our staff is great and they will charm you with their “Southern Hospitality”.

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